Shelby Iron Works

Shelby, Alabama



Confederate Monument

Posted: 07/02/2013

Situated near the center of the Shelby Iron Park, the Confederate Monument commemorates Shelby Iron Company’s vital contribution to the Confederacy’s war effort, as well as Shelby County’s Confederate soldiers, and honors them all, listed and unlisted.

The monument was sponsored by: Shelby Iron Works Chapter #2653, United Daughters of the Confederacy; Capt. William Houston Shelby Camp #1537, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The War Between the States occupied only a few years of the Iron Company’s decades in operation; yet, it marked a turning point for the community in many ways. While it is easy to focus on just the war aspect and defense industry role of the Iron Company, we must remember the stories and legacies of history. These are marked by these memorials that point us to explore history and greater contributions often overlooked. We invite you to learn more about the role the Shelby Iron Company played in the lives of its community - a role that took pioneering steps aside from the culture of their day - sometimes to their own criticism.

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