Shelby Iron Works

Shelby, Alabama




Posted: 03/18/2013  By: Daniel Valles

The Commissary was the company store, a general store providing a wide variety of merchandise.

Constructed during the rebuilding of 1868-1870, the large three story brick building, situated across from the New Dannemora Hotel, soon became the commissary to the community of Shelby.
The well stocked store offered everything from clothing, to hardware, to coffins.

Upon its completion, the “company store” was opened not only to iron company employees and their families, but also to the entire community. This was done by the company to help relieve the destitute condition following the Civil War.

This building contained, in addition to the store, iron company offices and a basement laboratory. A large warehouse was located behind the commissary building.

During the late 1800′s and early 1900′s Shelby was a booming town and saw the addition of a number of other stores offering a wide variety of goods and services.